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Lloyd is dead, long live Indal! The trio, formed by brothers Alexis and Loris Perez, and drummer Antoine Ladoué, sets the record straight. After 10 years of activity, a completely different entity emerges, moving away for a while from the concept album format that was typical of Black Haze (2019). Already spotted supporting Gary Clark Jr. at Paris’ L'Olympia in June 2022, Indal presents their total reinvention with their debut album Set The Night On Fire.

INDAL by Sam Mauger.jpg

This new departure was prompted by a desire to break away from the influences of the late Lloyd, as well as the label of "Pink Floyd cover band", which had become a little too sticky to aspire to a worthy development. Indal then managed to find their own musical identity and style, and took a very personal artistic approach. As singer/guitarist Alexis Perez explains, changing the name is no stranger to this:

"With the birth of my daughter in 2019, I delved into my own genealogy. I discovered that most of my and my brother Loris' origins come from Mojácar in Spain. A city whose symbol is the Indalo, the gods’ messenger whose mission is to protect people from the flood. It seemed obvious that we should cling to these roots. In a way, it also echoes the Andalusian or even transcontinental sounds that I would like to instill in our music in the future."


Coming into the world from the point of view of a newborn baby (Colourful Paradise), impostor syndrome (Dancing Clown), the idea of getting up after a series of failures (Falling Down) or the need to free oneself and express oneself (Nothing But Freedom)... Indal's lyrics touch more directly on the human, whereas Lloyd's were more detached and impersonal. A thematic break that obviously comes with its musical equivalent. The trio's DNA is still largely steeped in psychedelic rock, but the genre is expressed in a much more modern form. However, its contemporary production doesn't stand in the way of Loris' trademark retro keyboards, the spell of the Indian sitar or even the gospel choirs. So many elements in symbiosis in this collection of tracks designed to symbolize Indal's musical evolution... Who has no equal to lavish striking and then addictive melodies and vocal lines, to arouse euphoria and melancholy with as much ease, and to dare to propose a fleetwoodmac-ish cover of Dua Lipa's hit Levitating!

"My work as a composer of visual music has greatly influenced our new sound identity. - says Alexis. For example, Colourful Paradise was composed for a commercial! I liked the chorus too much not to make it a song in its own right. That was the trigger for these notions of efficiency and simplicity in the harmony, the construction and the melodies. Even if the "prog" side will always be there, the idea was to accentuate the catchy side of our music to make it more accessible. But we also want to slip in a more complex, river-like track like Set The Night On Fire from time to time!"

Set The Night On Fire will be the soundtrack to a colourful, comforting but also intense spring. To be discovered on April 14th!

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